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About Calista Consulting

So much of finding the right career is daunting. And a lot of the career advice available doesn’t quite get you to the professional finish line.

Gone are the days of simply being offered the interview, showing up with your resume and starting the next week.  Brushing up the resume, the cover letter and answering key requirements are just the tip of the iceberg.

These days, you need to consider your LinkedIn profile, interview techniques and what you can do with your personal brand.

Today’s career is all about selling yourself. You need to be able to sell yourself- your skills, your professionalism and your personality. Yet most of us find selling ourselves is one of the hardest things to do. It’s difficult to find that relaxed point between bashfulness and boasting. Your ability to present yourself well and market your talents could be standing between you and your dream job.

That’s why you need Calista Consulting.

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    About Calista Consulting

Calista Consulting was developed to take the pain out of crafting what is essentially, your career’s story. At Calista Consulting, we don’t write resumes to get the jobs or coach you to win the interviewer over. We give solid career advice, work out what your particular set of skills and assets are, and help you uncover your true professional value. Our approach to coaching and career-related communication is one of working with you to realise your own talents, and put them to their best possible use in your professional career.

It’s about giving you confidence and pride in what you do so you attract the right career opportunities for you!

The Calista Consulting mission is to provide our customers the best possible employment opportunities through sound advice and personalised service. We work with you to uncover your full potential and help you build the confidence you need to put your best foot forward.

Taking the mystery and uncertainty out of the recruitment process for your benefit with sound career advice, bespoke communications services, and quality interview coaching is the Calista Consulting aim.

Calista Consulting is built on the values of respect and appreciation for each and every one of our clients. We work with you to make the most out of your career opportunities and help you advance in your chosen endeavours with integrity, confidence and the proper support.

Working with Calista Consulting is about ensuring your personal wellbeing and giving you the skills and experience you need to not only ace this particular career milestone, but milestones in the future as well.

Calista Consulting make a commitment to individual attention and offering a consulting program tailored to your needs. When choosing to advance your career with our help, we promise to offer sound career advice, personal support and truthful assistance that helps you make the most of the career opportunities available to you.

Our commitment to you is to help you discover the career you truly want through helping you foster your potential.

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    Katie Muir, Principal

Meet Calista Consulting Principal, Katie Muir

Katie has an extensive background in psychology, recruitment and human resources working with prestigious top tier organisations. Katie approaches each new client as a new opportunity to help unearth the talents already evident, and to foster more of the same. Her ability lies in being able to interpret what the reader wants and marry it to your underlying key strengths and competencies.

What sets you apart from the competition, what you offer that is special and unique, and the skills you should be treasured for become a seamless blend of written communication under Katie and her team’s skilled hands.

Whatever your career goals or career branding needs, Katie and her team at Calista Consulting can help.

Check out Katie’s professional qualification via her LinkedIn Profile.