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Call on Calista Consulting for your business recruitment and internal communications needs!

Business Writing Services

Business Recruitment Strategy Advice

Working under pressure with low staffing levels is no picnic for anyone. Yet many companies often neglect their business recruitment due to the dreaded job description and advertising needed to attract the right candidate.

This is an area where Calista Consulting excels.

With a wealth of experience in recruitment and human resources, we know what is required to attract the right candidates with the right kind of job advertisement. So forget about shelling out thousands and thousands of dollars for a recruiter. We can write what you need and support you through the entire hiring process.

Call on Calista Consulting to create a business recruitment package that brings the right candidate to you!

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    Business Recruitment

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    Internal Documentation

Internal Documentation

Don’t make do with out-of-date documents that don’t reflect the current state of play. Calista Consulting can help you revamp internal communications for better staff support and education.

Alleviate the burden on your HR department and have Calista Consulting take ownership of freshening up your documentation. Our process is fairly simple. By a mix of interview style meetings and review of your workplace documentation , we can update your documents for internal and external communications, professional bios, staff handbooks and more.

Forget having reams of documentation you cannot put to good use because you simply don’t have the time to review it.

Get Calista Consulting on the case and let your internal documentation work for you again!

Business Communications

From businesses looking to find the right person to join the right team to all kinds of “sell yourself” communications, Calista Consulting can help. We’re adept at distilling the situation into written communication and conveying the needs of you as an individual or as a company effectively.

We can help edit, review and advise on business case documentation, all manner of marketing communications and assist with refreshing your company’s written presentation and branding.

If you wish to present your business in a professional light, give Calista Consulting a call!

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    Business Communications