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Looking to take your career aspirations to the next level?
Calista Consulting can help you take your resume writing and career related communications to new heights!

Resume Writing

Take the awkwardness and discomfort out of writing your job applications with Calista Consulting. Whether you’re chasing the illusive promotion or looking to embark on a new career adventure, our resume writing services can make you stand out for all the right reasons.

Calista Consulting resume writing is all about bringing out your best skills to meet the requirements of the recruiter. We work with you to break down the position you are applying for and match it against your skills and competencies.

Matching that with a cover letter that is direct, honest and reflecting your personality means you can always count on Calista Consulting for your resume writing needs.

The kinds of resume writing services we offer include:

  • Resume advice, preparation and editing
  • Cover letter creation and editing

Move beyond simply writing your resume or applying for the job. Show them you mean business with a professionally written job application from Calista Consulting today.

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    Resume Writing

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    Personal Branding

Personal Branding

Developing a personal brand has become very much a part of the modern workforce. Personal branding is much more than working on our business cards or making sure our LinkedIn profile is up to scratch. These days, you need to consider the presentation of your social media and online professional works such as articles, authoring and blogging. It’s about maximising opportunities to expand your profile through networking and making business connections. And it includes establishing leadership in your field through presenting and speaking, blogging and more.

It can be difficult to know how to get started or keep momentum. This is where Calista Consulting can help.

Through tailored coaching sessions and assessment of your online presence, we can take your aspirations to create a truly professional personal brand from zero to hero in no time.

Work with Katie and her team to develop your confidence, learn how to identify opportunities and maximise the potential of your personal brand today.


Confidently attending interviews, presenting that all important paper at work, learning techniques to help strengthen your presentation and leadership skills- these are just some of ways Calista Consulting coaching services can help you.

Much of our career progression comes down to two things – knowing the right time to bring a new idea to the table, and having the confidence needed to present it. Calista Consulting’ coaching is about bringing your talents to the fore and giving you the ability to translate those moments of opportunity into successful results.

We work on your timing, your confidence and take you through interview and presentation techniques to make you shine.  We work together to develop your own style and give you the tools you need to feel at ease when speaking and creating an authentic, positive presentation of yourself.

Bring out your inner confidence and let your personality shine with Calista Consulting and our coaching services now.

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    Interview Coaching

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    Career Preparation

Career Preparation

Are you fresh out of university or looking to refresh your interview skills after a break due to travel or parental leave? Calista Consulting offers the complete recruitment package to get you career and interview ready.

Take the hassle out of job related written communications. Calista Consulting can help you with a wide variety of career assets including resume writing, cover letter production, addressing selection criteria, creating your LinkedIn profile, setting up online resumes and/or personal branding blogs and more.

Calista Consulting offer unbiased, professional reviews of all your written communication as well as support and assistance with interview preparation and presentation.

Whether you’re looking to create your very first impression in the workforce or looking to announce a triumphant return, we’ve got the right career advice for you.

Want to discover Calista Coaching personal career services for yourself? Why not drop us a line today!

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