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Happy client testimonials for Calista Consulting
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The proof is in the personal branding pudding with Calista Consulting. Check out the testimonials from happy clients who have gone on to discover their true career path, dream job and vocational value!

I cannot recommended enough the professional and comprehensive service that Katie has provided to me on numerous occasions. In all 4 instances in which I have had Katie prepare my Selection Criteria for Federal, State and Local Government, I have gained an interview with the prospective employer, and successfully won the role on 3 occasions. Katie’s approach to all my Selection Criteria’s has been nothing short of incredible.  The research, time and communication received with Katie ensures every aspect of your selection criteria is relevant and that comprehensive references to real working situations are covered.  The way in which Katie facilitates a learning process throughout is also something I have been impressed with; she is able to extract information and highlight your skills by talking to you in simple English!! I found when speaking to Katie I felt she completely understood my terrible way of explaining my role or work situation, and somehow turned it into writing ‘gold’! The translation from my ‘simple English’ to professional and articulate writing in her Selection Criteria’s is something all my employees commended me on (little do they know I have my secret weapon, Katie).

I cannot express how much ongoing support Katie provides throughout the whole process, she is extremely professional, kind and has always given me handy hits outside of the selection criteria. I owe Katie a huge amount to all my public service success in jobs; she achieve results and my professional success is proof of that.

I also received a professional coaching session from Katie, something I never thought too much into before I had to do a telephone interview with a local government agency.  Absolutely worth every minute!!! My coaching session taught me the fundamentals of interview which is something I dreaded. The skills I learnt from my hour coaching is session is was un-believable, I felt completely confident, prepared and ready to face any interview knowing my personal strengths and how to sell myself!!! Finally!!!


Katie has an amazing way with words. She really has worked her magic with words on my resume and my LinkedIn profile. Since Katie has completed my resume for me I am getting a lot more interest and contact from both agencies and prospective employers. My resume and LinkedIn profile has never looked so good.

Katie took the time and trouble to establish my work history and what I was trying to achieve.

If you are looking for someone who has an amazing way with words but also understands recruitment then I highly recommend Katie.



Katie engages in a very professional manner with clear instructions and well defined deadlines. She then produces an excellent product that has served extremely well in my own endeavours. I am very proud to recommend Katie.


After engaging Calista Consulting to revamp my LinkedIn profile and resume, I immediately began receiving headhunting calls and gained significantly more interest from companies I wanted to work with resulting in me securing my new role. I would recommend Katie to anyone wishing to raise their career profile.


I would like to recommend Katie for her creative and individual writing techniques. I hired Katie to create my resume when I was looking for work. Katie created my resume professionally yet managed to include personality to separate my application from others. Her efforts included timely delivery, industry knowledge and I landed the first role I applied for! Thanks Katie.


Katie provided an excellent resume and profile service from the moment I contacted her until the final product was delivered. Katie showed a clear understanding of the recruitment industry today, what my potential employers were seeking and my strengths. Katie produced a number of professional and highly polished products that I highly recommend. In addition, Katie is lovely to deal with and was extraordinarily generous with her advice and time.


I found Katie very thorough in extracting information from me for my resume. The information on my resume was succinct and straight to the point as designed from the initial phone call. I would have no hesitation in commissioning Katie’s skills again to update my resume and recommended her for anyone looking for a professional resume.


Katie is an excellent professional and I enthusiastically recommend her.


I was desperate for work as I had put in many job applications for government and large businesses over the years and never landed one job. It was really starting to get me down. I wanted to get out of working for these crappy smaller unorganised and insecure businesses for so long. I had a few interviews, but, nothing substantial. My application just couldn’t stack up against the competition. For the first application I asked Katie to prepare, I was shortlisted and landed an interview. I was told after the interview that my application was leagues ahead of the rest. Do yourself a favour, stop wasting your own time and/or damaging your health and employ Katie to prepare your application.


Katie, I am in awe of the quality of work you have done. This is not only the best resume I have had, but the best resume I think I have ever seen! You have captured everything I wished to express and presented it so well. I have no doubt this will get me the position I want and I look forward to celebrating! Thanks again.